1. Positive attitude – We see the future as a challenge for us all and we will face it with a pioneering spirit and with a positive attitude towards people and the environment.


2. Partnership – We regard the market and its changing nature as an opportunity and we will orient ourselves according to the wishes and aims of our customers. In this way, we will secure long-term partnerships. We will put the element of trust into practice.


3. Suppliers – We promote relationships with our suppliers on a partnership and long-term basis. In return, we expect from them reliability, flexibility, the willingness to perform and innovativeness.


4. Results – We offer our customers the best results with regard to system and product solutions and services. With this in mind, we will provide our technical competence, commitment, flexibility and innovative force. We expect the same in return.


5. Communication – We support cooperation and communication from all commercial departments. In this way, we will strengthen our performance. We will act with moderation, frankness and competence towards the outside world.


6. Our principles – We act according to the principle that what is good for the company is also good for every employee in the long term.


7. Dignity – We respect the dignity of every employee and partner. Clarity and truth, tolerance and fairness within our cooperation are the basis for success, harmony and satisfaction in our work.


8. Qualification – We encourage in our employees personal development, personal initiative, the willingness to work and a sense of responsibility and we build upon their strengths. We believe that personal growth comes from making demands.


9. Profits – Our purpose is to make a profit. Profits secure the investments in our future and honour our obligations towards our employees, shareholders, partners and the general public.


10. Objectives – We will concentrate our efforts on achieving our corporate objectives.