Aircraft Scale METEOR 1010

Mobile wheel load weighing system for weighing of aircrafts

• Fast and safe weighing

• For your safety

• All-purpose

• Transportable

• Weighing – Saving – Printing - Data sending

Fast and exact on-the-spot weight recording exactly where it is required


Easy operation

Combine three weighing platforms on an even and firm foundation, with weighing indicators and the aircraft scale Meteor 1010 will determine wheel loads up to 30 t eg. total loads up 90 t.


Under perfect implementation conditions, METEOR 1010 achieves a precision up to 0.2 %. Even in hard outdoor use the weighing system effortlessly satisfies the precision requirements of the OIML recommendations.

Fast and convenient

The weighing system is delivered pre-calibrated and may be put into operation by the customer on site. At present the wheel loads are transferred by electronic signal to the weighing indicators DWT 800 und D 70 with its clearly viewable screen.

We offer the convenient sets including roll printer and keyboard in a handy transport case.


Exceptionally stable and built for rough operation is METEOR 1010 with its design of

complete welded steel housing, primed and painted, with detachable on/off ramps. To

a large extent resistant to dirt and water the Meteor system is ideally designed for

outdoor use.

Technical data Meteor 1010


Dimensions platform 1010 x 1010 x 220 mm (LxWxH)

Weight platform 275 kg (each)

Weighing capacity platform 30.000 kg (each)

Increment 20 kg

Permitted Overload 20 %

Typical (field) accuracy +/- 1,0 %

Maximum accuracy 0,2 %

Temperature range -10°C bis +40°C

Protection class IP 68

Housing Welded steel, primed and painted with 10mm non slip checker top plate and strong frame (150 x 75 x 6,5 mm).

Fitted with fork lift guides with 375 mm centres Stainless steel free motion feet.

Load cells 4 load cells per platform

Capacity 10.000 kg each

R60 built and sealed to protection class IP68

Junction box Stainless steel, protection class IP 68

On/off ramps Welded steel, primed and painted with 10mm non slip checker top surface

Dimensions ramps 2000 x 1010 x 220 mm (each)

Inclination angle ca. 6,5 °

Data cables ca. 20 m each

Aircraft Scale METEOR 1010
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