Mobile Railway Scale MEW 2008

for static weighing and checking for wagon overload

Portable railway scale MEW 2008 for all types of rolling stock

Low cost, portable measuring instrument

  • Static determination of the weight of rolling stock and wagons
  • Also suitable for the determination of wheel and axle loads
  • Wagon overload check, optimal wagon loading etc.


Suitable for all types of rolling stock

  • Locomotives, tractive units, wagons,
  • Metros, undergrounds and trams,
  • Cranes and other rail-based stock

The MEW 2008 was developed for universal application on various rail profiles.

It can be used on rail profiles from S49 and can be built into all track systems with standard rail fastenings.

Adaptors are used for installation on higher rails.

Due to the usage of removable wearcoatings, the system can also remain in the track after the measurement.

The MEW 2008 can be fitted in a very short time, by only 2 people.


Technical data on the sensor element

Robust steel design with stiff measuring bridges (bending < 0.5 mm)

Permitted measuring load/load capacity 12.5 t, 15 t wheel
Steps (graduation)
10 kg
Scale active length 450 mm
Number of weighing sensors 2
Protection class  IP 67
Instrument class 0.5 %
Component accuracy gradients depen. on inst. 0.1 % (on transverse/longitudinal situation max. 1 mm, approx. +/- 0.5 % to 1 %)
Linearity error  < 0.02 %
Weight (heaviest item) Approx. 35 kg
Material  High quality steel
Rated temperature range -10°C to +65°C
Power supply 12 V
Transducer characteristic 0.1 mV / V
Measuring amplifier / sampling rate 24 BIT / 10 kHz
Data transmission Can BUS / Ethernet
Rail profiles All standard profiles
Track gauge Standard 1435 mm, others on request
Mobile Railway Scale MEW 2008
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