Mobile Low-Cost Truck Scale »MÜSW-LC«

Modular flush-mounted steel weighbridge with digital load cells


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  • Shallow, only 31 cm high, compact modular weighbridge
  • Robot-welded steel bridges in dismantling modules, with anti-corrosion paintwork
  • Bridge module, run-on ramps and support plates completely in high quality steel
  • Version as guided scale – open in centre
  • With short run-on ramps – only 3 m long!
  • Rugged structure, yet may still be implemented flexibly
  • Easy assembly, no major on-site preparatory work required
  • Verifiable, approved throughout Europe, precision class III, CE-symbol, fulfils OIML recommendations
  • May be easily transported and relocated due to modular design.
  • Easy access for maintenance and cleaning due to centre opening along entire length of the bridge.
  • Low cost due to specific omission of  seldom-used components; no compromises are however made in terms of quality!


Ideal for:


  • Easy, low-cost assembly
  • Temporary use (agriculture, building trade etc.)
  • Also, of course suitable for continuous implementation
  • Also available without steel ramps + foundation as MSW-LC

Technische Daten



          L x B (tatsächliche Längen)     


     (Anzahl Wägezellen)     


          nach DIN 8119     

     Anzahl der Module     
12,00 x 3 m 40.000 kg (6) 60.000 kg 2 ( 2 x 6 m)
18,00 x 3 m 50.000 kg (8) 60.000 kg 3 ( 3 x 6 m)


Mobile Low-Cost Truck Scale »MÜSW-LC«
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