Modular weighing system »MSW«

Modular weighing system »MSW«


The versatile model "MSW" is available in surface or flush-mounted versions. It consists of a rugged, modularly designed reinforced steel weighbridge, which can be combined with different sorts of foundation.


  • for surface mounting on precast concrete foundation or on-site strip-type concrete supports with concrete run-on ramps
  • for flush mounting with precast concrete foundation or in-situ concrete foundation
  • New: precast foundation - "mid-level solution" with variable mounting depth: due to the rugged construction of sides (overall height 40 cm) the precast foundation may also be sunk-in to a certain extent, e.g. 20 cm respectively on flush and surface mounted version.


The system is easy to transport, the precast foundation and steel bridge may be transported up to a lenght of 12 m at low cost on no more than a standard truck trailer.


  • Load capacity up to 80.000 kg (optionally special model up to 100.000 kg)
  • Weighing capability up to 60.000 kg (optionally special model up to 80.000 kg)
  • Standard dimensions: Weighbridge lenghts from 5 - 21 m, width 3 m, height 0.4 m (surface mounted version)


With the comprehensive PFISTER WAAGEN program packages and

weighing electronics the "Versatile model" is a fully rounded road vehicle weighing system.

Technical data


           Standard-Brückengrößen (LxB)                        Wägebereich                          Tragfähigkeit           
12,2 x 3 m 50.000 kg 60.000 kg
18 x 3 m 60.000 kg 80.000 kg
21,1 x 3 m 80.000 kg 80.000 kg


Modular weighing system »MSW«
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