Weighing data management for simple applications »Winweigh Light«.

Weighing data management for simple applications »Winweigh Light«.


Single-place system with maximum functions and easy operation


  •  Weighing data recording and administration
  •  System-oriented statistics and reports
  • Single/group delivery note, weighing note, cash invoice


and many further functions ...



Winweigh Light is the solution for simple, daily weighing operation with many functions and user-friendly operation.


  • Brief weighing cycle, supported by selection lists or search dialogues with specification of combined search terms
  • On-screen weight display with VWP virtual weighing processor in the PC as display / operating terminal and verifiable memory for weighing results, thus verifiable saving with freely definable saving period (at least 90 days) without alibi printer.
  • Administration of several systems
  • Flexible, efficient statistics program
  • Besides the weighing program a system and master data administration program is available in the basic package.




Weighing mode functions

  • Comprehensive weighing pattern via implementation of floe technique. A floe is a single or group of entries or display fields. It may be visible or invisible on the screen mask. It is scalable in size, the weighing mask may be variably positioned.
  • Easy weighing pattern with weighing and processing functions: abort, save, first / second weighing, intermediate weighing, document, printing, manual recording, cancellation, correction, supplement
  • Fast accessing of floes via defined key combinations (hot keys)
  • Fast adoption of supplementary weighing data in the weighing mask by operating with vehicle pre-assignment
  • Fast location of master data via user-friendly search functions including incremental search (= search during entering)
  • Cash function for cash payers with discount monitoring (in maximum permissible per cent deviation and absolute amount) and online discount calculator
  • Creation of master data during recording of a weighing process
  • Open documents (yard lists, open group documents) and completed documents





All weighing data are saved on termination of the process so that data may be evaluated at any time. Through the appropriate selection of statistics parameters, selective evaluations may be drafted. For the further processing of such data, these may be written into a file or transferred to MS Excel via the intermediate buffer.


The modular concept of the new Pfister Waagen Bilanciai software packages permits problem-free subsequent updating to the more sophisticated  Winweigh Plus software package. In the event of client or task-specific modifications that necessitate additional functions, upgrading to a higher standard is possible without major software modification.

Product information "Winweigh Light"
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