Diade Model DD 1050 weighing terminal.

Diade Model DD 1050 weighing terminal.


The DD 1050 terminal is designed for industrial applications features the standard measuring software required for weighing management. To complete the terminal, various specific items of software are available for different weighing applications.


Because of its extreme versatility the DIADE Series can be used in all industrial weighing environments. The family of Diade weighing terminals is undoubtedly the perfect solution for many control processes, making possible a significant reduction in the system components used, with the following benefits:

  • Fewer and less complex connections with a consequent reduction in installation costs
  • Reduced costs for system components
  • Simpler maintenance/assistance procedures


Robust and versatile:


Designed for industrial applications; body in ABS with a stainless steel front. Available in both bench and wall-mounted versions.


Suitable for any operating environment:


For applications in “harsh and aggressive” environments, the completely stainless steel version is available with IP68 protection.

Fast and simple to use:


The 10.4” colour “touch screen” colour display features easy-to-understand icon graphics and the screen layout can be readily personalized for specific applications.


Maximum application flexibility:


DIADE Series terminals are equipped with measuring software for managing weighing. Optional applications software makes it possible for users to personalise all the functions and graphics they need for their own operations.

Even more proof of the system’s extreme flexibility is provided by the ability to connect up to 4 weighing machines with either digital or analogue loadcells.




Total programmability:



The SCALECORE set of software components allows the applications used in industrial weighing environments to be developed independently. This creates a versatile modular structure with personalised graphics and the ability to manage at will the data and communications required to run the weighing equipment connected to the system.


Networked communications:


The hardware configuration, together with the programming power of the DD 1050 terminal, ensures simple connectivity with customers’ own networks and because it is possible to install drivers for various peripheral accessories, such as printers etc., these can be managed directly from the terminal.


Data management:



By using an SQL relational database, enhanced with remote connectivity options and flexible archive structuring, targeted data management can be achieved enabling the data in question to be easily exported to corporate databases.


Technical specifications:



  • 500 MHz processor
  • 128 MB ram
  • 128 MB flash memory
  • 10.4” colour display with touch screen
  • Ethernet 10/100 output
  • WIFI connection option
  • 2 off 24V AC/DC I/O
  • 1 memory card and SD card expansion slot
  •  3 expansion slots (for weighing machines, serial port, I/O, field buses etc).
  • 12 VDC power supply, 110-230 VAC with external power supply.
  • CE approved up to 6000 divisions-Multi-division and Multi-range versions (3x3000 or 2x4000)
  • OIML certification
  • NTEP approved

Diade Model DD 1050 weighing terminal.
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