Driver self-service terminal »Self 800«

Weighing Indicators for Truck weighbridges Driver self-service terminal »Self 800«.

Digital weighing technology - when you want to do more than "just" weigh.


Fully automatic weight recording:

  • Digital terminal for weighing vehicles and goods with integrated weighing indicator
  • Graphic display and numerical or alphanumerical keyboard for user-friendly dialogue
  • For connection to a max. of 2 scales with up to 24 analogue or up to 16 digital load cells
  • Lorry identification via bar code cards, optionally magnetic cards
  • With thermal printer for immediate document generation or, when linked to an external weighing terminal, printout via printerin the weighing cabin / office
  • For wall or pillar mounting
  • Optional: variable design of printed images, e.g. for adding additional text to the weighing document (up to 3 headlines and foot notes respectively) and customer logo

Technical data:

  • 3 serial interfaces RS 232/422/485 (2 of which reserved for printer and reader)
  • 2 relay inputs and 2 relay outputs, for triggering e.g. traffic lights, barriers
  • power supply 220-240 V AC, 500 mA, 50/60 Hz (optionally 110-120 V AC, 1A 50/60 Hz)
  • operating temperature –10°C to + 50°C
  • relative humidity max. 85%, non-condensing
  • scale d=10,000 verifiable
  • weatherproof with the cover included in the delivery scope
  • connection to an external compatible PC keyboard possible (for data entry or updating)

The technical design is to a large extent identical to our weighing indicator »DWT 800«

Driver self-service terminal »Self 800«
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