DD 2050 Diade Series Self Service Weighing Terminal

The DIADE Series terminals combine computer programming power and flexibility together with the measuring requirements of a weighing instrument; in particular with the DD2050 model the user can carry out the weighing operations independently, without the presence of an operator. The user can be identified by many device types (optic, magnetic, proximity).

With ECODIADE software is your best ally in the collection centers!


DD2050 provides tailor-made software for specific operations, through the use of the powerful modular SCALECORE software and SCALEWIZARD development tool. The very same system offers almost endless programming possibilities, using state-of-the-art languages, for the management of complex applications, together with versatile simplified RTL - Real time software to

manage these processes more simply. The weighing system is fully weights and measures approved.




The DD 2050 terminal can be installed for weighing from the ground or directly from the vehicle.

The Self Service operation makes the terminal suitable for many applications in which there is the need to manage materials delivery or picking with a diverse and variable number of users.



  • use without the presence of personnel during the access, identification and weighing operations etc. For example with the DD2050 terminal it is possible to connect to optic systems for number plate recognition, together with traffic lights and control barriers for the automatic control of vehicle access.
  • operations are faster and the logistics of the involved area is improved accordingly



  • 500 MHz processor
  • 128 MB ram
  • 128 MB flash memory
  • 12,1” colour display with touch screen
  • Ethernet 10/100 output
  • WIFI connection option
  • 2 24V I/O ac/dc
  • 1 memory card expansion slot: SD card, compact flash
  • 3 expansion slots (for weighing machines, serial port, I/O, field buses, etc…)
  • 12 VDC power supply, 110-230 VAC with external power supply
  • CE approved up to 6000 divisions

- Multidivision and Multirange versions (3x3000 or 2x4000)

  • OIML certification
  • NTEP approved

DD 2050 Weighing Terminal
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